ShineYe New 2018 Household Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine 110 220V Vacuum Packer Include Vacuum Bags Gift Can Keep Food Fresh

ShineYe New 2018 Household Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine 110 220V Vacuum Packer Include Vacuum Bags Gift Can Keep Food Fresh
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Oписание продукта

Product parameter

Brand: Shine Ye

N.W. :2.7kg

High temperature adhesive tape: Teflon high-temperature tape

Model: P-290

Motor: strong vacuum pump

Heating wire: Ni Cr alloy heating wire

Rated voltage: 220V AC

Rated power: 150W

Rated frequency: 50HZ

Vacuum: 0.8bra

Appearance size: 35.5*14.5*7.5cm

Heater width: 5mm

Sealable bag width: 30cm

Job description: manual and automatic


Fresh storage upgrade

Vacuum to addiction

Reputation Explosion






Intelligent upgrade

Outstanding function

Innovative product

A vacuum preservation machine without special bag

Get rid of the special bag

Cost savings above 50%







Restore vacuum packaging at a low cost

Flat bag, negative pressure bag, electrostatic bag, aluminium foil bag

Fully functional - Vacuum sealing machine for vacuum dry goods and liquid products

Shine Ye achievements in the preservation of the glorious industry, technology, fine quality to create brands






Intelligent upgrade

Lead a fresh life

Innovation is the never-ending pursuit of Shine Ye people

With its excellent product quality and excellent product performance enjoy the fame at home and abroad.







Intelligent vacuum Era

With Shine Ye, the moment vacuum is fresh and healthier

Vacuum three steps

The old and the young will be easy to use

1. put the ingredients into a vacuum bag

2. place the suction nozzle in the vacuum bag

3. one key automatic vacuum & automatic sealing







Safety test: attentive, intimate protection

Vacuum sealing machine Shine Ye production

Shine Ye products through multiple quality and safety testing and it is the protection of customers.







Strong driving force

Shine Ye unique technology to create a new vacuum pump - powerful power to remove oxygen

Classic upgrade, "core" to mention fresh, strong power, strong suction visible

Shine Ye new vacuum pump turbine technology

Increase the suction force, make the vacuum suction force than the same type of product increased by 2 times







Dry and Wet model

Multifunctional functions: Shine Ye, make every step with great effort

Shine Ye newly created: equipped with filter cup, you can directly filter water, you can pump a lot of oil and water products

Filter: ergonomic design to achieve moisture separation

External connector: two functions of dry and wet switch freely

Metal air mouth: adopt food grade 304 stainless steel material


Dry / wet / powder / oil / soft / crisp / suitable

Warm tip: When vacuum with water or oil food, it is recommended to adjust the sealing time to 4-6







Nondestructive sealing alone


Quality is the origin of Shine Ye

Security is the guarantee of Shine Ye

Good heat dissipation, safe sealing, temperature resistance up to 300 degrees Celsius, equipped with overheating protection function

That is, press and seal, without starting the vacuum pump, nondestructive sealing alone, high efficiency, only 3 seconds

LED blink seal long to remind the end of work

P-290 can be individually sealed for roll bags, snack bags, food bags

Shine Ye can seal 95% of plastic vacuum bags on the market

A vacuum sealer without special bags







Adjustable sealing


Shine Ye is constantly challenging the machine\'s new "difficult" degree, so that you work more scope

No longer need to use a fixed thickness bag, release your choice

Adjustable sealing time, upper limit is 10 squares, lower limit is 1 squares, each block sealing time is 1.5 seconds, it can be adjusted according to the thickness of the bag

Digital display design is simple and intuitive, the temperature is controllable, the sealing effect is firm







6 generation upgrade vacuum chamber


Force power - machine use efficiency - heat dissipation - 2 times the machine life expectancy

The Shine Ye P-290 vacuum machine uses a new research turbine technology, a powerful driving force

The suction intensity is increased, the suction loss is reduced, and the suction force is higher than the similar vacuum machine

No need to pause, heat dissipation 0 seconds, continuous rapid operation 30 times, use up to 100000 times







External pumping function


Shine Ye makes excellent design essence to create a vacuum sealer machine with multiple functions

The utility model has the functions of external suction and is suitable for various vacuum preservation cans, red wine plugs, clothes storage bags, etc., and is convenient for daily life storage

Preservation jar: anti broken easy to use

Wine shelf plug: prevent

Note: vacuum packing machine doesn\'t contain connecting pipe, red wine stopper, fresh keeping container and storage bag. We can contact customer service to purchase it







Mute design


Continuous operation, no noise, upgrade noise reduction, sound insulation technology, low power, low decibel

Shine Ye re - improvement of the internal vacuum pump technology, specially designed noise barrier, greatly improving the noise problem.





Rapid heat dissipation
Quick cooling, 18 times continuous sealing
Shine Ye to further improve the heat dissipation technology.

Create a heating protection technology, overheating protection function, donrsquot because the heating part of overheating damage to the machine, and extend the service life of the machine






Intelligent key


Progress, excellence, is our goal all along

"Do better products, do not rely on, do not seek, do not make, do not compromise, I believe the good Shine Ye, it is worth waiting patiently."

Simple and convenient button, easy to control procedures, bid farewell to the traditional vacuum machine sensitive button

Shine Ye new intelligent control technology to make life easier







Soft vacuum


The vacuum force can be controlled manually

Soft products, bread, red dates, etc., manually control the vacuum pressure, as much as you want

For soft foods, Shine Ye can also do standard vacuum







Lock upgrade -Shine Ye focused design

We can think more than a little

Innovative bilateral mechanical locking. After 100 thousand tests, the customer has been recognized for the quality of our products.

Make the machine work easier and more reliable in operation.